It is as much what I do, as it is how I am doing it. I am an anthropologist. That makes me more of a generalist with a method. My works reflect what the application of this method reveal about different domains, and how they can be approached in a systemic way.

I was and continue to be active in public administration, private, and non-profit sector, while "keeping a foot" in teaching and academia. 

Currently I am involved in consulting for e-health, and I am writing about AI, technology, climate change, and movement. I teach. And am an invited expert at Ms. AI. 












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Research and Publications

From fashion and politics of the body to financial crisis and climate change, passing through urbanism, my research interests have a silver lining that can be resumed in one sentence: what happens when you systematically approach those subjects and you throw people into the mix? 

The core of my approach can be summarized as follows: The rapid changes in the technological landscapes we inhabit (technoscapes) constantly operate (or point out to the need of) changes in our understanding of defining categories at the basis of our social fabric and democratic structures. Almost each major shift in the use of technology in public or private spaces directly impacts notions of legality, rights, citizenship or government that need to be reworked in order to account for the newly opened avenues of possibilities. More so, we are redefining the ways in which we interact with each other and with our material environment, constantly challenging understanding of fundamental notions such as time, distance, nature, biology and ultimately that of human being.

Along the years my research received support from a variety of organisms, including Wenner Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, Open Society Institute, French Institute of Research and Iran, and British Library. 

I enjoy writing collaboratively, and my latest two research papers are written together with Thomas Seguin (France) and Apurv Jain (USA). 

My research profile and a list of my academic publications can be found here or here


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Yes, I write fiction. I find it gives an alternative way to explore and express ideas in which I am interested. My first volume of fiction will appear in summer 2019, in Bucharest, under the title "One Day. The City". It contains the short story "Adopt a Canadian", first published in Allegra Lab. 



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