Teaching is Learning

I experienced  teaching in different environments, working with different types of students form a large variety of cultural backgrounds who performed in different cultural settings: French exchange students in Istanbul learning alongside Turkish colleagues, Californian students in Paris, Saudi students in Bahrain, and so on. I believe that the primary role of a teacher is to create a space that stimulates the development of the learners' capacity for critical thinking. And teaching is always a two way street, in which one learns as much as one teaches. 

I owe my passion for teaching to my professors in Romania, France, and California, who guided my learning journey, and to the students I met along the way, who taught me how to be a better teacher. 

I love scuba diving. And I realized that teaching is like scuba diving: you plunge in the depths of the unknown, trusting your diving partner(s) and believing that the experience will open up new ways of seeing.

Currently I am associate faculty at the Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC, and I teach in the Masters of Global Leadership


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MA Global Leadership - Royal Roads U, Canada - 2019

Art Bienale Sinop, Turkey - 2013

Universidad Nacional Bogota, Columbia - 2012


“Alec is a natural generator of questions and insights in and out of the classroom. With a welcoming and humoristic approach, Alec challenged me to dive deep into concepts of bias, power, privilege and empowerment through conversation, assignments and presentations.

Alec poised questions that pushed me to reflect quietly by challenging norms and assumptions as part of the intensive on campus portion of the MA Global Leadership program.

I thank Alec for not giving solutions, instead encouraging exploration, critique and dialogue among students and faculty.”

Laura Myers - Project Lead, Regulatory Efficiency and Continuous Improvement

"Authenticity, enthusiasm, and critical conversations – these are some of the skill sets Alec brings to the classroom.

As a professor, Alec goes beyond theories and ideologies to challenge and assess the situation critically. Pushing his students to identifying context interventions within complex implementation models, Alec fosters a safe environment for dialogue and perspective."

Thank you, Alec for enhancing the learning by the experience and passion you bring!

Victoria Ninaber

Director of Communications & Global Operations, PAOC

"Alec brings a passion to his teaching that is difficult to describe, but highly effective. He is inspiring in his approach to asking questions and challenging current thinking in a way that creates an open learning environment. As a student in his classes I can say that Alex truly wants you to think deeper, challenge yourself, and ultimately succeed. I enjoyed his unique approach to teaching that was both engaging, participatory and informative. Alec's approach to education is a unique blend of disciplines combined with just the right amount of subversion to status quo thinking. Alec challenges us all to think differently and bring creative approaches to problem solving."

Once again, thank you for all your teaching over our residency, I enjoyed every conversation, question and moment of subversion! You challenged us all to grow as people, thank you for bringing some fun, and healthy "fear of the unknown" into the classroom!

Avery Acheson

Community Engagement Manager - Central Alberta Refugee Effort

"With Alec’s assistance I was able to understand the link between leadership and cultural diversity. His unique discussions and concepts allowed me to effectively cultivate the ability to sustain leadership presence through the re-org of my toolbox. Simply put, I was not prepared for just how meaningful this clarification on overall awareness has done for my career. I look forward to continued collaboration with him."

Herb Connors

Chief Petty Officer - Royal Canadian Navy

After All, Teaching Is a Matter of Both Heart and Mind

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